Lisa Renee, Energetic Synthesis (ES) – overzicht pagina’s Krystal Aegis website

Lisa Renee, 
Energetic Synthesis (ES) – overzicht pagina’s Krystal Aegis website
Op deze website vind je de volgende Pagina’s:
Krystal Aegis Introductie
·        Stap Een: The Agreement and Request for Intercession
·        Stap Twee: Preparing the Foundation
·        Stap Drie: ES Core Triad for Daily Use
·        Stap Vier: 12D Calibration for Crux Implant Remove
·        Stap Vijf: Building Integrity of Spiritual House
·        Finding Inner Peace as Lifestyle
·        Setting the Foundational Core
·        Controlling Stress & Anger
·        Shifting Mental Pain
·        Antidote to Mind Control
·        Radical Forgiveness
·        Loving Kindness Visualization
·        Calming Breathwork
Dagelijkse praktijk:
·        Law of One Practices
·        Mastering Relationships
·        Gratitude Practice
·        Meditation and Mindfulness Tips
·        Disciplining Mental Body
·        Accountability
·        Personal Integrity
·        Harmlessness